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How Planning For The Care Of A Person With Special Needs Can Help

Do you have a minor or adult child with special needs? You know that planning for their future is critical to their well-being. Whether you are new to this process or need to revise your current plan, I am here to assist you through all of it.

At My Texas Estate Plan, PLLC, clients know they can rely on me and my experienced staff for caring, knowledgeable guidance in Texas special needs planning. I am attorney Casey Cook, and I understand that this can be stressful, but my job is to explain the process of special needs planning and help you set in place the legal documents that will protect your child today and in the future.

What Works Best For Your Family?

Special needs planning involves the structuring of an estate to ensure that an individual may provide money or assets to a person with disabilities without jeopardizing that individual’s access to governmental benefits. This process may also involve appointing individuals to help manage such money or assets on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the individual with special needs. This may involve:

  • Setting up and maintaining a special needs trust
  • Reviewing an estate plan to ensure that it will not negatively impact a person’s eligibility for Social Security or Medicaid benefits
  • Taking the appropriate steps to ensure that sound health care decisions are made on behalf of a person with special needs who is not able to make those decisions for themselves

I will draft or revise documents as necessary so that they benefit your loved one. My staff will ensure that you are kept up to date on the process and that you receive the correct documents to review and sign.

Let’s Talk It Through Today

I know that this may be a time-sensitive matter. Please set up an appointment to discuss your special needs planning concerns with an experienced lawyer. You can reach me online or at 903-561-8644. I have offices in Tyler and Atlanta, Texas. I work with clients from all across East Texas.