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Preserving Assets While Qualifying For Medicaid

Medicaid planning is a specialized practice in law where we guide and help families in the process of qualifying for assistance to pay for nursing home care without the danger of losing all their assets. Even if an individual is already in a skilled nursing facility, there are still ways to protect the assets of the estate.

At My Texas Estate Plan, PLLC, in Tyler, my staff and I work hard to help people understand Medicaid planning and take the appropriate actions. This is a complex area of law that should be handled by an experienced lawyer. You can rely on me to help you navigate Medicaid planning and related elder law concerns. It is important to get started on this early, so please contact me today to learn more.

The Medicaid Planning Balancing Act

Making a mistake in Medicaid planning can be disastrous and leave you without necessary assets. We will start by asking you about your Medicaid planning goals. They may include:

  • Protecting assets for your loved ones
  • Addressing your long-term care requirements
  • Qualifying for long-term care assistance
  • Preservation of assets

These are just a few examples. You may have additional goals or concerns associated with Medicaid planning.

Once you have established your goals and I have reviewed your assets, I will advise you of the steps to take. Together, we will determine the appropriate plan for you and get you started on putting it in place.

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