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My Texas Estate Planning Team

Attorney – Managing Member Casey Cook

Casey Cook

Attorney – Managing Member

Casey is the law firm’s attorney and managing member. Casey is responsible for the management of the law firm and its clients. Casey works with clients to develop specifically tailored plans that help them achieve their estate planning and/or business planning goals. Casey is licensed in Texas and is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

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Law Firm Administrator Kearby Herrington

Kearby Herrington

Law Firm Administrator

Kearby is the Law Firm Administrator. Kearby assists in the day-to-day operational functions of the firm. Kearby helps to ensure that each client’s case is diligently vetted and carefully processed through every stage of the client’s estate planning and/or business planning development.

Case Manager Jennifer Herrington

Jennifer Herrington

Case Manager

Jennifer is one of the firm’s Case Managers. Jennifer is responsible for caring for client cases throughout the stages of its development. Jennifer helps to manage these cases from the initial organizing and collection of documents to preparing cases for final review. Jennifer is also the direct administrative assistant for Mr. Herrington.

Business Development Director Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones

Business Development Director

Jerry is one of the firm’s Business Development Directors. Jerry is responsible for maintaining our firm’s exemplary relationship with the public by optimizing and implementing our business development plan. Jerry works side-by-side with our clients and organizes our educational events and informative materials to fit the estate planning needs of our communities.

Legal Assistant Tammy


Legal Assistant

Tammy is the legal assistant to Mr. Cook. Tammy is responsible for organizing and caring for client cases throughout the stages of its development. Tammy is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as playing an integral part in the administration and servicing of client matters.

Client Communications Lacy


Client Communications

Lacy is often the first person a client will see or speak with within the firm. Lacy is responsible for the initial communication and administration of client matters. Lacy helps organize clients and maintains a strong line of communication with clients to keep them up to date regarding their particular matters.